HDR - saving and viewing

Evening all, please forgive if this has been covered before. I did try a search but couldn’t find my answer.
Using Mini 2 and saved my HDR photos from SD card to laptop, then uploaded them to Google Drive folder. When I go to view my photos today there are 5 copies of each photo but no combined HDR one. Am I missing something or done something different. Do I need to run them from Drive and back through an HDR compatible app???
Thanks for any assistance. Still learning. :technologist:

I’m glad I’m not the only one to have found this. If I take an HDR photo, the drone takes a set amount of various exposure bracket shots, eg: over exposed to under exposed. When you view those photos afterwards, you have to stack the images in another program to create the HDR picture, I’m under the impression that the dji software or processing required to create that image is too much for the drone to do. Hence why you can’t see an actual HDR picture.

The Mini 2 doesn’t automatic stack the AEB bracketed photos. I think my old Mavic Air 2 did though. I guess it doesn’t have enough umph under the hood to do that on board.

That said, I always create my own HDR stack anyway. As I have more options. I use Photoshop and simply drag the 3 or 5 bracketed photos in the software, which then displays them in Camera Raw. I simply select all photos, right click and select “Merge to HDR”. But it is virtually the same process in many apps, some of them are free.


Thanks @clinkadink. Had a play around with a few apps on the iPad. Didn’t find one I liked. Eventually fired up the laptop and settled for FRD Tools. Very basic. Suits me. :+1: