The misses and I (and a dog) are going camping at the end of the month in Heacham. Are there any recommended places to fly? Quiet large open areas.

I’ve had a look on the NATs app and it looks ok around that area. Holbeach and into the wash is a danger area because it’s used by low flying military aircraft for training. Obviously the Sandringham estate is out of bounds, but around Heacham and Sunny Hunstanton looks good.

The big blue blob is a parachute drop today.

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That’s a huge parachute! :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s a Weight watchers member having a sponsored ‘before and after’ jump. Let’s hope this is the size of the parachute for the ‘before’ jump!!

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@chrisjohnbaker @sparkman999

I think they have both flown nearby.

Beautiful quiet beaches everywhere, I spent all my childhood holidays not far away

The issue is English heritage and the Holcomb estate who own most of the land we did fly at wells next the sea last year and some inland areas too but make sure you are on public footpaths or roads for takeoff and get above 50 metres or do the good old crown property when tide is out be wary of bird sanctuaries too
What did amaze me was the use of kites on some of the beaches but you can’t fly a drone crazy