Height of other flying machines


Hi all
I had 20 mins this afternoon whilst walking the dog… anyhow, i was at the downs and its a yellow zone. So I had to accept flying responsibility, no problem.
As i was preparing to set off, i saw a plane in the distance and kept it low until the plane passed - it was a small light aircraft. It seemed genuinely low enough that if i was flying high and not just playing around me - i could have been in its flying path.
I presume its my responsibility to keep out of his way - but question, how high will he be flying - as a light aircraft should he still be above the 120m?


Download Flight Radar. Handy for checking what planes around you are doing. Occasionally won’t show up but most do, even the small ones.


Hi john
@mickydd and me flew from Castle Hill (clews in the last bit)
And a light aircraft did fly past low in relation to the hill but everywhere else I presume was above 400 ft
So it’s a bit iffy in those circumstances who is in the right and who is in the wrong
But as part of your PfCO you should drop lower when you see an aircraft as it’s a bit easier to see…


The biggest problem I’ve had is that it’s the ones that you really want to be aware of that are the ones that are most likely not to not be represented.
The coastal search/rescue helicopter from Lee on Solent goes miles along the coast in “stealth mode”.


Controversial theory I have, but to hit a small drone in all that sky is very bad luck.

What odds would I get at the bookies on it happening ?


I have the same philosophy about drones at airports … the speed differential probably makes it near impossible for a drone-idiot to actually hit a commercial plane at all … let alone at a place where it would be genuinely vulnerable.
Only on approach is where their position can best most accurately predicted.
Not that I’m saying they shouldn’t be banned in areas of close proximity to airport and approach.


True. Definitely not to be relied on. If it looks too low, get out of the way. I like it for the “oh crap there’s a super low plane” moments, and then verifying it’s actually still high, and I’m not being an idiot (in that respect at least).


If you can’t see the bugger because he’s that low … go up! :wink:
One day I saw the LoS chopper manage 15 miles without showing up.


Thanks guys!


I had the West York’s police helicopter fly under me last year while out with the kids, looking for cash machine robbers apparently


I would literally have shat myself… :blush:


We were in Italy at the weekend and visited Lake Como and Maggiore where there were sea planes (landing/taking off), low flying helicopters, and gliders. None of them appeared on Flight Radar.


That’s Italians for you no regards for other people…