Helicopter 3d indoor flight!


yes awesome alot of ground work there, generally it can end very quickly if you dont know what youre doing…


Or had it spit fuel in your face when testing it to see if it’s glowing…lol


You don’t need to tell me that one, I had a Hughes 500E when gyros were just starting to come into the hobby at an affordable price in the late 80’s, I spent more time repairing it from my skills than I did flying it :rofl:


Done that as well more than once :laughing:


I’ve still got my Quest gyro which was an upgrade from my mate keeping the tail steady with a bit of string. The heli was a Hirobo shuttle 28 1983ish


I remember the Hirobo Shuttle from around the time I had mine, perhaps mine was nearer that time then, I know it was before I got married and bought a house in 1990.
I’ve not got a clue where the photos are of mine and I certainly can’t remember the make of it.
I know it cost me a fortune back then and it was a kit I had to build myself.


I dont care what anyone says. But an RC toolkit always included a Packet of Rubber Bands LOL