Helicopter 3d indoor flight!

Just wanted to post this …Many drone pilots fly drones now after years of either RC heli or plane flying, myself included… One of the hardest things to master with a heli is inverted flight AND INDOORS! wow, Truly awesome…
Most of my flights looked like this but unintentionally and generally ending in boom strike lol

advance to 1.25 for the flight


I know I use this meme a lot, but hooooollllyyy shit!!!

My face, while watching this:

Closely followed by:

I didn’t even know stuff like that was possible, I’m sure he’s defying the laws of gravity and physics in general there?!

Impressive as hell :clap:t2:

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That is deeply crazy. I’m impressed.

Surely that’s against the laws of physics, aeronautics, and anything else I can think of !.
Must have blade tilt/yaw to be able to do that ! (shit, what do they call that !)
Awesome control !

Real helicopters have negative pitch to auto-gyrate for engine failure landings - so it’s only an exaggerated version of that to fly inverted.

As for the dancing on its tail and the other schissle … it’s that and absolutely shit loads of excess power to weight ratio …. and some stick skills, too. :wink:

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That’s the word I was looking for Pitch !.
That hovering inverted an inch off the floor is nuts !!

The inverted 2” hover at 3.30 impressed me the most…

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I wonder which gyro he is using, but one thing’s for sure his brain is wired differently.


Brain?, his must be solid state !!
Oh!, and balls of steel !

That was bloody awesome and thanks for sharing. I have seen some impressive model helicopter flying which I thought was good (see below) but that was incredible…

These were taken by me at a RC event in 2011

image image

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and a sponsor’s wallet…:money_mouth_face:


I used to fly helis about 6 years back before moving onto drones… none of the 3d stuff mind… expensive hobby but you tended to be able to repair a lot more yourself than you can with drones. Old habits die hard. Even today, I always carry a roll of black bin bags in my cars from my RC days lol…

My helicopter days…



I haven’t flown these for about 7 years :roll_eyes:


I’m sure there’s a Fleet Operator badge knocking around with your name on it @Njoro :smiley:

Got a photo of 5+ ??

Ok ok I’ll dig into the toy box and line them up, I take the dolls don’t count…:pensive:

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Kinda miss those days. Servos held in place with rubber bands and going home with fuel all over your jeans…

Filling up the fuselage with nitro due to a disconnect fuel line…:joy:

Just found this one from 3 years ago, amazing.

LOL, you cant call yourself a true RC enthusiast unless youve burnt your fingers on a Glow Plug at least once…