Helicopter parenting

I found a new way to keep the kids occupied and fit in half term and still get some flying in :smiley:

Apologies for the terribly unfashionable these days analogue DVR recording. I lost my HD action cam last month and haven’t replaced it yet. Looking forward to having another go at this with a stabilised Runcam Thumb Pro or similar - my son has all sorts of ideas for shots he wants to do now!

The little DroneCo Snapshot is perfect for this sort of stuff. Sub 250g, not too noisy in public and pretty easy to fly. Every FPV’er should have a 2-3" cinewhoop in their collection if they don’t already! I can also pop all of this into a small rucksack whenever we go out for a walk or bike ride, unlike the usual monster bag I carry for the usual FPV/RC stuff.


I suppose the next logical step is to attatch the drone to the dogs collar and excercise the hound without getting up from the sofa. In fact all sorts of uses come to mind. Attatch the drone to the kids wrist in order to take them to school. Why stop there, why not send the drone on holiday and get it to send pictures back. Much cheaper and no standing about in queues at airports.
The mind boggles! Drones are obviously the next step in human evolution. :grinning: