Hello from Bournemouth

Hi all.
I’ve just bought my Mavic Pro and had time for a quick test flight before the weather closed in.
(I took advantage of Maplins closing down, so got it 1/3rd off list price! :slight_smile: )

My previous machine is a Phantom 3 Pro. There doesn’t seem to be much of a difference between the controls, but I still need to take it out properly.

I might try it out over the snow later!

Take care all.



Pull up a chair and enjoy the view

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Welcome Nick, I am also from Bournemouth. Enjoy the Mavic.

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Hi Nick
Welcome to the forum.


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Hi @nicholas.dalton and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

I nearly bought an Air from Maplin, they were crazy cheap! Alas, my credit card is still nursing itself better from the CrystalSky Ultra purchase last year :blush:

If you’ve not seen it yet, check out our interactive ‘Places to fly’ map:

And if you have seen it, please feel free to add to it!

Welcome once again :+1: