Hello from Chalkwell Beach in Southend


That’s great news!, That is the reply I expected to be honest.
ATC are these days very understanding, if you tell them, it’s when you don’t they can get very funny.


Hi Chris,

As soon as I get the chance im going to print off the e mail from Southend air traffic control and keep that handy with their telephone number.

This is a giant step forward and to be quite honest with all the recent publicity I did not expect such a positive response from them.

Armed with this new information we can now carry out our own routine risk assesement just in case we get any ‘Miss T’ contributions in the future; then we are fully covered.

Thanks again for sharing all your knowledge, we would not be moving ahead like this without all the kind contributions from your forum.

Best wishes;



You have to remember that they would have respected that you are part of (to use a phrase) one of the “Emergency Services”.
It would have been a massive kick in the teeth to you, or, any other Lifeguard service in the UK if, they refused you permission to fly.


Once you are able to access the “Member Only” area of the Forum, there is a lot of Documentation that I have put together for the Members, which, I am sure will be of help in clarifying the law on drones and other useful documents to enable you to show them to your Members.
Let me know when you have access, and I will explain them to you, should you require.
In order to access the area you must be meet the criteria below:


Thanks for this information Chris, there is probably a probationary period before I can have that advanced level of access.

Best wishes,



Here’s what is required to get Full Members status:

Basic Members can get to Full Member status / Trust Level 2 by…

  • Visiting at least 15 days, not sequentially
  • Casting at least 1 like
  • Receiving at least 1 like
  • Replying to at least 3 different topics
  • Entering at least 20 topics
  • Reading at least 100 posts
  • Spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts


Thanks Chris I shall have to get onto this.



A big thanks to Jason and Mary for the first drone flight at Chalkwell Beach yesterday, lets hope that its the first of many.





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Hi Tony
I see @JayForceOne managed to get to you this weekend
I hope he helped you out with the finer details of drone flying
I see Norman tried the FPV goggles best thing is to sit down with them on


Hi Jeff,

He certainly did and also got advance clearance from Southend airport air traffic control.

There was hardly any breeze to start with but as soon as the drone case was opened an onshore sea breeze appeared out if nowhere so flying conditions were borderline.

Norman was in his element and smiling like a chesire cat after a first flight with the goggles on.

Best wishes,



Glad @JayForceOne got over to see you Tony, i hope you were impressed with his drone.
Also that Norman got to play with the toys that go with it !.
I am sure that other members, including myself will be down to demonstrate more drones for you as time goes on.
Well done Jason for giving up your time for the Southend Boys !


Hi Tony.

Welcome and thanks for the offer! I hope you get some takeup. I might be in contact in the second half of the year.


Very impressed indeed Chris, I could not believe how steady the drone was in the air given that a wind warning message was visable and also how sharp the image was.

The other interesting thing is that once up in the air no one even noticed that a drone was flying, I cant understand why some people seem to pretend to be annoyed by drones.

Norman loved every second of his first drone experience, as did I.

Best wishes;



Simple answer to that half the time, they want one !


It would be great to see you anytime Russell

Best wishes,



So people actually moan just because they are not involved and are unable to fly, how strange.