Hello from Chalkwell Beach in Southend


A couple of us, myself and Russell were lucky enough to be able to film a Triathlon here at Wells-Next-Sea last summer.
That was an interesting exercise for us to hone our flying skills over water.

We are the ones in lime green safety jackets.


Check your privacy settings Chris, video not available.


The main busy time is when the kids break up for the sumner holidays any other time would work fine.

We had already invisidged taping off the complete area outside the club house to keep any inquisitive members of the public at a safe distance.



Thats an amazing video of the triathalon, our venue is very popular with open water swimmers, there always seems to be something of interest going on even when the tide goes right out.



Or - - - -invite her to attend specifically ! A thoroughly public advisory showing just how logic over-rules an ignorant closed mind ! Job done & the lifeguard team get to move unhindered onwards n upwards! Literally :+1:


Hi Guys,

Not much rain in the end today but quite a fresh wind, I enclose a few more photographs for you.

I will be making a courtesy call to Southend airport traffic control this week to see what they have to say and I have just got to find the roll of tape to be able to fully cordon off a drone launch area outside the club house…

Best wishes,



Miss ’ T ’ was not in attendance today!


and a bed to rest on :+1:


Several of our Members are currently being invited to attend CAA sessions that are for testing out the proposed registration system that all of us ,(later in the year) will have to conduct as part of the CAA Regulations that will almost certainly befall all us drone pilots.


All creature comforts are available.


More regulations on the way and probably hastened by the fake Gatwick story, thats a bit of a shame.



Not trying to tell you how to suck an egg, but, when you do chat to Southend Airport ,ask what potential problems they foresee in you using Drones for your Lifeguarding purposes,especially as you are in close proximity to their Airport.
You certainly will not need to operate at anywhere near the max height we are allowed to fly, of 400 feet.
My guess is that your operating height will be between 50 to 100 feet Max, and at a distance of direct LOS (Line Of Sight) (up to 500 metres).
By keeping the height down to below 100 feet, you should not cause any problem to the air traffic in that immediate area.
By requesting a NOTAM (Notice To Airmen), which is done by informing Southend ATC via phone, of the time that drones are being used in your area, at a specific time,on a specific day.


Gatwick has certainly not helped our cause, and has sped things up!.


Hi Chris,

I see no reason why we would need to go above 100 feet during any flight that we are planning to do at Chalkwell so a notice to airmen by phoning air traffic control sounds like the way to go and they would probably give us an hour flying window before we had to ring them again if we wished to continue flying.

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The notice to airmen can be of a specific time frame,
you tell them what time you are likely to be flying and for what approx time span that it is likely to be for.
They then issue that NOTAM ,and it warns any Air traffic that you are flying drones in you area.
We still have to wary of immediate uncontrolled traffic ,which is likely to enter our air space at anytime (police, air ambulance, etc)
(NATS) Drone Assist App gives live information on your phone of NOTAMS.
Contacting ATC is becoming more common place these days, and is also done as a matter of safety, to all concerned.


did you receive my PM (Personal Message) the other day?


Thanks for letting me know Chris I will take a look.



I have sent you some docs via PM


Thanks Chris thats great.



Hi Chris;

I have had an e mail response frim Southend airport air traffic control today to inform me that apparently under the current rules if we were drone flying from our club house under 100 feet all that would be required of us is a telephone call to air traffic control prior to the flight and also one at the end of the flight.

Best wishes,