Hello from Chalkwell Beach in Southend


It sounds like a bit of a hot seat climbing into the pilot seat of such expensive kit, but I guess you must just get used to the pressure after a while.



Wow what a mess up.


Have you seen any pictures, or video?, the answer is no.
A whole load of us on here, were in conversation for days about it !.
It has never been prove either way to my knowledge.


So they had nothing to do with anything and got arrested just for being drone owners, what an awful experience that must of been, did they get any kind of apology for what happenes to them ?


The only thing i can say is that after 4 years of owning a drone i can honestly say with hand on heart that i have never crashed one of my drones, or even had a hard landing with anyone of them.


It’s a nice buzz


i agree Joe, literally !


No I didnt see anything, I just have a lasting memory as most people probably have of drones being responsible for Gatwick being closed, so any new drone regulations could all be as a result of a fake news story.


Ah so the pilots seat has a bit of an adrenalin rush to it once you are in control and know what you are doing, I just remember blind panic and helplessness as the little white drone dissapeared into the distance over the Thames that day.


Wow! thats an impressive record to be sure Chris.


and, i should have added that i have still got ALL the original fitted props on all the drones, and never had to change any of them (yet).


My pfco course tells me to fly my drone as tho my family members on board .
I must admit , I flew my first few flights like my mother in law was on board.




It does say a lot in my opinion of the reliability of these drones.
I have flown in some very harse conditions in countries all over the world from Svalbard, near the north pole to very hot places such as the Carribean , and they just seem to get better and better.


you sure you were flying a drone Joe, and not her broomstick !


To admit to you, i have had (what we call) “Buttock Clenching” times when i have flown long distances.
Doubtless Joe (I know) has had one of those moments !.


Ok yea… and a buttock clentcher award to go with it


That surprises me as I thought that drone pilots might be changing those quite frequently.


The former is a good mindset to get into.


Well that answers my reliability question for sure.