Hello from Chalkwell Beach in Southend


Hi Chris,

Thank you, I will definitly do a Simon Reeve Google search it’s a very interesting subject.

I didn’t know anything about drone skins, a red and yellow drone would be perfect for us, I will be googling that straight away.

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You don’t have to look at the end credits of a TV prog to see if a drone has been used, they stand out a mile if you pay attention to the shot that is being taken.


I shall have to be much more alert to this in the future, I wonder if there is a small select band of pilots that get to work on these shows ?



The BBC and ITV, in fact most TV Stations have their own drone pilots, and a lot of them.
The Police, Fire, and other Emergency Services also use Drones, and have done for sometime.
As @MementoMori said, it stands out a mile that a drone has been used in a program.
There was one on last night with Christopher Timothy and Peter Davidson called “Vintage Roads Great & Small”, driving over Scotland, great program showing drone filming at some of it’s best.
In fact i would say that most outdoor documentaries use them these days.
Another one last night was “Great Railway Journeys” on BBC2 every night, including tonight.


In fact they dont most people that work in that industry like me are freelance so they hire in firms that specialise theres probably half a dozen at the top of the tree i bump into them quite often


here you can customise what colours you want everything to be !!

Choose body colour (orange), battery colour (true yellow), leg colour (true yellow)

looks the business for you !!



i stand corrected !


It sounds like all you guys are right at the top of the tree to me, a bit like a ‘Red Arrows’ elite squadron in the drone world.



We could’nt use that, so Grey Arrows it is !!


Ah! Grey arrows, perfect


Thanks Chris,

A custom coloured red and yellow drone skin would be perfect for our Lifeguard Club use, I am guessing that a drone skin also protects the drone from surface water but does not actually make the drone itself waterproof ?



not really they are not waterproof, just makes them stand out when flying.
BUT!, if you are looking for a waterproof drone…



total cost, with drop system, controller, 2 batteries. 4 k camera £2,500


to be honest, for your purpose the swellpro drone above is ideal for your use, as it has a drop feature for lifebelt of something else.
and can land on water, and take off.


This video should be shown to your members !!.


Check this video out that Chris has kindly posted Norman.

Thanks Chris,

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who’s Norman? Tony?


Hi Chris,

Norman is one of our senior club members who has a great desire to listen and learn about all there is to know about becoming a competant drone pilot to be able to make the next step up from the little white Maplin drone that he currently has, we are all neewbies and nearly all with an open mind.

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ah, right Tony , apologies to Norman, i hope he’s learning a bit from our discussions.
I apologize if i go off at a tangent at times, just trying to give you options i believe may give you food for thought.


This is Norman in his smart dress outside the club house, all your tangents open up so many more horizons.