Hello from Chalkwell Beach in Southend


Norman needs an Inspire :grinning:


I think Norman (and you) will need to think out of the box, as far as your flying goes.
It is extremely good for you to use your small drones to be able to control them accurately, as they have no GPS, so you are forced to really fly them.
That holds you in good stead for when you progress to GPS locked drones.


Norman needs to walk ,before he runs Richard !


True :laughing:


Looking good at 21… Norman !!
(plus maybe a lot of V.A.T. !!)


naah If you’re going to jump in do it big and get proper wet lol


Thats the problem, enthusiasm is all well and good but like everything there is a slow methodical learning curve, but I guess there is no harm in looking ahead to see what potential is out there



OYE, Colin, we are talking to people who constantly get wet LOL !!


Hi Chris,

Norman was one of the founders of our club over 40 years ago and is still going strong and looking for new challenges and new goals to achieve.

Norman is already sold on the idea of drones for use in the fields of search and rescue and lifeguarding but also has a genuine personal interest in drones for use as a hobby of his own.

Best wishes;



Capsizing from a rescue kayak is an ever present danger and happens quite regularly as part of training and sometimes even inadvertantly.



well he’ll love it when we come down i am sure, tell him not to worry about his 40 years, so i can relate to that !!
I am 65 , but with the brain of a 15 year old (well , i like to think so!)


i rolled my first canoe at 13, so i know the feeling very well and have a double kayak down the side of my house as i speak !.
i think my tootsies would not like swimming around our coasts these days, at least not without a wetsuit


So, Tony explain, does your Lifeguard station run on donations, contributions, collected monies locally, or…how is your money raised to run your station?


Hi Chris,

Chalkwell Lufeguards Club is a small independantly run voluntary club, we have registered charity status and rely solely upon donations from the public to be able to pay our expenses and keep running, but as I said before although our membership subs are only £10 per year we are currently quite short of active members as are other similar clubs around the country.

Best wishes,



Norman has been over 40 years with the club but has now just turned 80 and is still raring to go and cant wait for your first visit to us if you are able to make it down sometime.

Best wishes,



My brother-in-law and Sister-in-law both live in Chelmsford and we regularly go down to see them.
Hopefully I can get down to you when we look as if some decent weather is around.
My daughter also lives in SE London, and i am due to go to hers to carry out some repairs on her house fairly soon.
I will try to arrange it so that i can pop your way over a weekend and meet up with you guys for a demo.
You may find one or two of our more local members may contact you at some point for meet up.
One way or another you will get to sample what these drones can really do.


That sounds great Chris we would love to meet you all if you are down this way, we need the weather gods on our side though with some nice warm sunshine and light winds.

We hope to see you all soon.

Best wishes,



when does your season of lifeguarding start?


Hi Chris;

Our season starts at the beginning of May but as we are a very small voluntary club this is only on Sundays.

We are normally at the club house evey Sunday out of season too carrying out maintence and training and observation, sometimes the weather is kind to us sometimes it is not, its quite a mixed bag being on The Thames Estuary.

Best wishes,



I only ask, as it would be better for you and us, if we were to pick a quiet time, so we can demonstrate the drones when you are not busy.
Do you have a way of sectioning off part of the beach near your base, to prevent members of the public from crossing into the area?.