Hello from Cheltenham, Glos

Hello to everyone, I’m Steve. My main interest is photography but revisiting the possibility of purchasing a drone after selling my last one due to its lack of use. Finding this website so useful with plenty of valuable information, especially regarding the newly updated regulations. Thinking of possibly going for the Mini 2 as it seems ideal for my needs. Impressed with the many videos here along with some excellent music choices :+1::+1:

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Hello @pixsw and welcome to GADC.

Loads of us have jumped on the M2 bandwagon given the freedom it offers, any questions sure somone can help out.

Looking for somewhere to fly?, check out our very own DroneScene, for member added sites and all the pre flight info you could want

Hi Chris

Many thanks for your message and info particularly regarding Dronescene . Yes, looking around the site the Mini 2 seems to be really popular. Quick question, how quiet/noisy do you find the Mini 2? Apologies in advance if this should be posted away from the Introductions.

Compared to what? :thinking:

Once you get above 30m up and 30m away its very hard to hear

Wellcome Chris from another Newbie

Apologies, should have made that clearer. My previous drone was a MA. Pitch noise on take off/and landing was for me, quite loud and consequently sometimes drew unwanted attention. Out of choice would prefer something with a little less noise and hoping the M2 would fit that bill.

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Thanks Chris, I could see from your profile which drones you have. Just wanted to get a feel on the noise side from your experience so appreciate your response.

Its very quiet, compared to everything I’ve sen fly (except the diddy FPV things)

Excellent Chris, that’s definitely another plus point in helping with my ‘Add to Basket’ :shopping_cart: decision :+1:

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Welcome to the group, Steve. Just out of curiosity did you work in the big donut? It’s just that your name seems familiar.


Most aircrraft are quieter than the MA. Subjectively at leasr. It may be that the frequency of the MA’s sound is particularly irritating to the human ear. I can certainly hear mine before seeing it. I believe that the Mini is a lot less obtrusive

Many thanks for your ‘welcome’ Nidge. Not me I’m afraid (and I would have to silence you, if it was!!). Its a bit of a problem having such a ‘regular’ name especially when you try and register anywhere on line as it’s invariably ‘already in use’. That is a ‘fleet’ you have got there, think you would be able to take on most countries of the world with your ‘air assets’! :airplane::rocket::flying_saucer:

That’s what the voices in my head try to tell me. The really sad thing is that the list is out of date and I have many additions, including the Mini2 I picked up earlier today, to amend it with.

Thanks for your response Robert. More reassuring words on the M2 which is welcome news. I see you also have quite a drone arsenal. Enjoyed your website along with its welcome humour. Your PA looks very capable!!

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Great news on the M2 - and all the others. Sounds like you might have been the instigator of the term ‘swarm drones’. Be interested to know what you think once you have had a chance to go with fly it :+1::+1:

Good to see you helping out the Chinese intelligence effort, @Nidge!

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I only fly it in a lead lined biscuit tin.