Hello from Hobby Mounts, Cornwall :-)

Just thought I’d make an official introduction…

I’m Paul from Hobby Mounts, based just outside of Bodmin, Cornwall and together with my partner Beth, we run Hobby Mounts. We specialise in drones and spares/accessories from DJI and Yuneec and keep pretty much everything (that’s available) in stock in our 600sq.ft showroom. If we don’y physically have it here, we can still ship direct from our secure warehouse so it’s always worth checking if you want something in particular and are making a special visit to us. Alternatively, ordering from the website is easy and we offer free delivery on orders over £30.

We also stock other non-DJI/Yuneec branded accessories from companies such as PolarPro, 4Hawks, Freewell, B&W, Lume Cube, Rode, etc.

Not sure if I’m allowed to post a direct link, so will leave that until admin approve.

But, again, hello from Cornwall and let’s hope for some decent flying weather this month! :slight_smile:


Welcome dude

I’m lucky enough to be able to visit the showroom as it’s just down the road from me, tho sometimes not good for my bank account haha.

Got my Mavic from you guys 6 months ago and love it, just entered your comp to win another one​:+1::+1:

Do you sell this also? :rofl:

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Welcome, have your drawn my ticket for the MPP yet? :joy:

Hi there Paul, welcome to Grey Arrows! Great to have you with us :smiley:

I bought my CS Ultra Bright from you guys waaaaay back in October and I have to echo all the other feedback you may have already seen here, the level of service was flawless and it arrived the very next day! (perhaps the first non-grey import CSU in the UK?)

Yes, of course, go for it :+1:

HA! I’ll be ordering it by the crate load if he does :rofl:

… and Paul will be ordering his private helicopter. “Orderable weather” would be a real money maker!

You asked for it…



LOL :rofl:

AND it’s in stock!!

Nice one @HobbyMounts :clap:t2:

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Legend!! I see this being a sellout

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Hmmm - no “Same Day Delivery” … #fail :wink:

But totally brilliant!

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Collection from the store is an option :smiley:


Welcome, and thanks for providing a first rate service with Hobby Mounts :slight_smile:

Hi @HobbyMounts. A very warm welcome to GADC. Another tick in the box for the south! :stuck_out_tongue:

I normally say ask any questions you might have and we’ll help but I have a feeling you guys already have all the answers!


@hobbymounts good to know we have someone reliable for new kit and spare parts. Saved your link in my browser:grin::+1:

I’ve used Hobby Mounts - Can’t for the life of me remember what I bought but i do remember the service was great and delivery was spot on. Keep up the good work guys…

Hi Paul,
Do you sell individual ND filters for the MA?
I’ve got a set of 4/8/16 from PP and was after a single 32.

He’s got single ND32 PL

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Hobby Mounts service really couldn’t get any better. Its that good its become my second home. Pauls going to kick me out soon haha.

Need them for my Air. MP ones don’t fit

Sorry dude I miss read.