Hello from Lancs

Hi Guys. I’m a newbie from Lancashire, attempting to fly DJI Mini 2 & Hubsan Zino 2+, but still waiting for suitable weather to get some practice in. It’s a bit windy up north! :confused:


Hello @Dunham and welcome to GADC.

Good choice on the M2, lots of members have it, with a lot more considering it with the new rule changes.

Don’t forget to post some photos/video as well as links any of your social feeds.

Looking for somewhere to fly? check out our very own DroneScene, for all the pre flight planning tools you need as well as hundreds of member added places to fly

Thanks @milkmanchris Hubby and I bought the Zino initially for a hobby but then the new rules came in so we bought the Mini 2 hoping that we could at least try to get some flying time in. It’s a bit like having his n her drones! I’ve done my theory A2 c of c but I just need to get some practical things in before the test. I was hoping to have completed it this weekend but the weather was too poor. I loved looking at the footage on Dronescene and hope I can produce something similar in the future.

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Hi from Wigan :wave:t2:

Where abouts in Lancs are you? It’s a big place :smiley:

Hi @PingSpike I’m from sunny Morecambe!!

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Another Morecambe-rian :+1:


Are your feet not getting wet out there Andy @Doodler ? :thinking:

That’s where the system thinks Morecambe can be found. Tried to edit the location (Android Chrome) and after a few letters it says I’ve performed this action too many times and starts a 60 second countdown :rofl:

Rich, the tide goes out a long way at Morecambe . . . . :wink:

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Yeah and now the rain :frowning:

Welcome Yvonne - hope the wind dies down soon for you.

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