Hello from near Plymouth in Devon

I recently got a Mavic2 mini drone, mainly to take pictures of and from various boats. I have read that if you fly a drone from a small boat you must be prepared to loose it - fair enough - only hope I get a few pictures first. I got my Operator ID and have done a few short flights, I am still not always remembering which way to move the control sticks! We were out the other day with our sliding seat rowing boat, we landed in a tiny cover which is inaccessible from the land (shear cliffs all round) then flew the drone from a flat rock on the beach - see pic. Wondering what is the best way to land a drone if you actually fly it from a small boat - maybe just catch it in your hand? We may later fly it from a sailing trimaran which has netted deck spaces about 2m x 3m on each side so that might be a bit easier although would need to watch out for all the ropes and stays.


Hi and welcome to GADC.

I hand launch and catch the M2 every time, after the first couple its very easy, just never get complacent with it ;o)


I can vouch for that.


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