Hello from (near) Sheffield

I joined a few weeks ago having bought my DJI Mini II to access the dronescene.co.uk website and have since read with interest a number of threads so thought it was time to introduce myself!

I live in the village of Treeton on the outskirts of Sheffield close to Rotherham and have fancied a drone for a while. I finally got around to doing some research, chose the Mini II, convinced the wife (which took some doing), and took the plunge. So far I’ve logged almost four hours of flying time over 20+ flights, covering 30+ km and feel that I’ve found the perfect hobby (having been a keen amateur photographer for a number of years and having always loved remote control cars as a kid and having).

I’m looking forward to learning from the other more experienced drone pilots on here and contributing if and when I can.

Here’s a photo I took in Filey on my first weekend with the Mini II:


Welcome to GADC Eddie :wink: Good choice of drone , hearing and seeing a lot from this little drone.
fantastic picture , looks very forlorn in that one. Glad your enjoying your flying , as you have already found , it is rather addictive. :rofl: :rofl: :wink: ONCE YOU START you cannot stop… welcome to the drone addicts club.

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Thanks for the welcome, yes, I’ve definitely found drone flying to be addictive! :smile:

‘Forlorn’ I think is a good word to describe that shot. It had rained earlier in the day, and was cold, which had cleared out the beach.

Here’s another - equally forlorn - photo from the same flight:

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Hi Eddie and welcome to GADC.

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Welcome Eddie.

I’ve also got the mini 2 as well as a growing number of fpv style drones.

I’m over near the airport at Donny so not a million miles away.

Flew over at rother valley a couple of years back and know Treeton fairly well as fished over that way years ago.

Nice picture at Filey. Get one at dusk when the lighthouse is on - looks mint then


Welcome Eddie,

We’re probably less than 5 miles from each other. This is a great community full of fantastic experience and a wealth of knowledge.


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Hi Eddie - welcome to GADC - enjoy the club :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thanks for the welcome, and great picture of Filey at dusk. I’m heading back over that way next month so will have a go at flying later in the day.

I took my Drone to Rother Valley on Monday morning, found it to me a great place to fly. Any other other local recommendations for places to take the drone?

Thanks for the welcome! It’s a small world!!

Any recommendations for good local spots to fly?


I’ve found that https://dronescene.co.uk/ has been an invaluable resource for locations in the immediate location as well as things worth photographing/videoing.

Penny Hill windfarm is worth a visit, and I’ve flown at Ulley and Rother Valley albeit be wary of the birds at both locations, I very nearly got downed by a flock of seagulls over the res.

Other than this I just get out wherever I can to gain more and more experience.


It took quite some time to get the lighthouse shining my way like that but its a lovely place. Can’t wait to get back out that way myself.

Locally you are pretty lucky as you’ve got lots of open spaces and fields around you.

I’ve not flown much over that way recently as i seem to fly the other side of Doncaster to avoid the airport.

However check out dronescene its got plenty of good places to fly

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Yes, I’ve already scoured dronescene, and found some good places to fly, but always looking for more suggestions! :wink:


Yes, I’ve already used dronescene extensively and was at both Ulley and Rother Valley earlier in the week. Penny Hill windfarm is next on my list - thanks for the suggestion.

Hi Eddie,

sorry to be late to the party, I’m from Doncaster, same as @Howard78 welcome and enjoy the Mini2


Thank you!

Hi from Barnsley


Hi Eddie and welcome I am familar with Treaton through water Skiing!! I live in Nottinghamshire so not miles away!

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Great Pics btw!!

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Thanks for the welcome. I jog around the water skiing lake (Treeton Dyke) every morning. Plan to fly the drone over it soon, think it will make for some nice photos / video.

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