Hello from north Yorkshire

Hello and thanks for having me. I have registered for my op id and my flyer I’d and have got a couple of GPS drones flown twice.bit scary first flight, second time a lot better control and really enjoyed it
Great site thanks again situated between York and Leeds.
Thanks Chris


Hi (other) Chris and welcome to GADC.

We have a lot of members in your part of the world, and in more normal times we regularly meet up, keep an eye on the forum later in the year if that’s your thing.

Check out our very own DroneScene for all the pre flight planning tools you will ever need as well as member added places to fly.

Look forward to you sharing some photos or videos ;o)

Hi @Scooby65

I’m another from Yorkshire

Welcome to the group

Welcome Chris, I’m also fairly new here too having got my 1st ever drone (mini 2) around Xmas.
You’re probably not that far from me either (between Tad and York) :slight_smile:

Welcome - I have been using this site for a few weeks, it is an excellent source of information and answer to questions. Ask away! I am in Leeds.