Hello From Norwich, Norfolk

Hello From Norwich, Norfolk (the bulging bit on the right of the UK map)
Great Places to fly around here !

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Welcome to the forum

Its a very nice community here with free speech so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

What do you fly?

I have a Phantom 2 vision +, P3A, P4, and a Mavic Pro Just need4 pairs of hands to fly them all !!

Nice fleet you have there.

Do you find you fly the Mavic more then the P4?

Welcome to tne forum Chris

Yes, Def !, I have flown most of them in several countries of the world over the last year. Mavic is my favourite, although I do not neglect using the others.
I have done numerous Mods on the P2 & P3, to the antennas.
I am an Electrical/Electronics Engineer of nearly 40 years experience, so modding them has been easy for me.
Favourite Flying place: Norway

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The Squadron !!!

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Hi @chrisjohnbaker and a very warm welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Looks like all you’re missing from that fleet is a Spark and an Inspire :+1:

We’ve a #Travel-advice-for-anyone-taking-their-drone-abroad section here at GADC and it’d be great if you could share your experiences with us all!

I need to do a nicer photo of them all together
But this is my family at the moment

Who can spot the spark :joy:

He’s trying to “Hump” the Phantom 4’s leg, dirty little git !!