Hello from Notts, aerial advertising idea

Dear All I,m here to sound out an aerial advertising idea, more specifically I am trying to do some trials/experimentation with a led scrolling sign which in my minds eye (I dont own a drone) would suspend underneath a phantom 3 or similar and present an extroadinary visual spectacle especially in a dark night sky, it is 1 meter high (it can be bigger) x 10centimetres wide, it weighs around 520 grams, its power is 5 volts drawing around 550 milliamps, the input voltage can be changed to a higher voltage by adding a buck converter which would probably add another say 20 grams.

I have added an animated gif which shows how it scrolls text vertically in any colour as it reads from its attached sd card, to move this idea forward do you know anyone who is willing to hook up to this led sign and give it a whirl ?

I envisage this connecting to the drone battery somehow or it could have its own dedicated battery (which would add additional weight)

I read that the DJI Phantom 3 payload of 1,206 kgs would have a flight time of 24.4 minutes, I also believe the camera with mounting weighs 700grams.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks David Allen

There are plenty of video’s on YouTube trying this but not with an LED sign.

Some things to consider.

In the UK this could be construed as a commercial venture and therefore you’ll need the relevant CAA recognised accreditations.

Flying at night requires special permissions, as does flying in close proximity to people not under your control.

I think you’re mistaken about the Phantom 3. What I believe you’ve quoted is it’s all up flying weight in standard form. Adding extra weight will decrease the flying time. Also suspending an object of the size and orientation you are suggesting will most probably result in an unstable aircraft due to the inevitable pendulum effect.

Light weight cloth banners seem to be the safest.


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Thanks for getting back to me Nidge, the other option was that the drone be tethered perhaps by a power supply ??

I took the payload figures from this video…

How high up would it be @motmed ? And would it be above buildings or people?

At what height would you not be able to read the text?

Is it rain/waterproof? The drone won’t be. What about wind too?

Public liability insurance for drones with non-approved payloads could be an issue.

There’s a lot of elements conspiring against your plan mate :confused:

I would say it can easily be read from 50 feet away, so i,m going to make a guess at 100 feet maximum readable distance (I can make it wider and taller for longer distance viewing but it,ll end up doubling the weight and power consumption), yes it can be ip54 waterproof, and yes seems to be a lot of issues I hadn,t thought about, thanks

Just update that weight figure, it weighs 466 grams

Many drones each with a small array of lights working together as a swarm to form a display is the answer. A few systems exist and more accessible options are in the pipeline.