Hello from NW London

Hi Everyone,

Hope all are safe and well?

A friend of mine had a Phantom and I spent last summer out with him, envious of not having my own drone but unsure how I would use it if I got one.

Anyway, bit the bullet, starting with a mini 2, so far love it and inevitably will end up upgrading later this year to something a bit meatier.

Glad to have found this site and in particular being in
London it’s a challenge to fly here, but 10 miles out and things get easier :smiley:


Hi @its.steves.shots and welcome to GADC :wave:t2:

Where abouts in NW London? It’s a big place :slight_smile:

It’s a lot easier now, with the new regs that came in this year, coupled with a DJI Mini 2.

Check out Drone Scene, it’ll offer you some suggestions on where to fly, and allow you to see if there are any airspace restrictions around the London areas:

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@its.steves.shots welcome. Look forward to seeing your photos.

Hi Steve ( @its.steves.shots ) and welcome to GADC.

I’m in Hampstead Area,

Flew one morning over Kenwood House, then found out I was on the Heath and the byelaws state not.

I’ve used drone scene a couple of times it’s great, out and about I use the Nats app and AirMap too.

I thought even with the new regs it limited me more in the city because of the camera classification?

Any places would be great, thank you

Thanks everyone for your greetings

Another useful resource perhaps:


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That’s the most useful thing I’ve seen so far, so basically I can fly anywhere providing there’s no byelaws or FRZ. Schweitzer. Off out tomorrow haha. Cheers

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Spread the word, tell your friends :slight_smile: