Hello from Oxfordshire - new Mavic 2 owner

Basically just want to say hello - took the plunge and got a Mavic air 2 ahead of a trip with the Mrs to Iceland later this month. Hoping to get some good shots out and about on holiday but also get a few local spots to explore and get the hang of “Tris” (assuming other people name their drones right!?).

Welcome Andy to GADC :smiley:

You might want to check out this forum for flying abroad as the rules do differ depending upon the country.

My understanding is you will need to register with Iceland if you have not flown in the EU before. Unfortunately our registrations are not valid in the EU. In Iceland I believe you also have to have your name, address and phone number on your drone.

There is a thread on Iceland here but the regulations have changed since it was started.

This thread is more generic about flying in the EU. You can incidentally register in any EU country and it will be valid throughout.

Enjoy Iceland

awesome thank you!