Hello from Reading

Hi guys,
While I’m relatively new to the hobby, I do really enjoy it.

I began with a Mavic Mini a few month ago, found it a bit boring after a few weeks.

On top of 70 hours on sims (drl / liftoff) over the last 2 months, I have already destroyed:
1x Tinyhawk 2
2x Tinyhawk 2 freestyle
1x Emax AIO FC
2x GepRc F7 FC
1x Caddx Tarsier
Tons of props.

Anyway, I’d really like to lnow more places to fly in the Berkshire. Not many public areas where we can enjoy our hobby :frowning:



Welcome to the club Andrea :handshake:

Check out Here for some places to fly. :ok_hand:

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Hey Andrea, i’m quite new to the drone world, was thinking of heading up to Silchester Roman ruins, have flown a few places along the Thames without too much trouble, get more people interested than grumpy so far
Have fun