Hello from Somerset

Hi all.
Just joined. Thanks Ping^Spike.
First drone. Mavic Pro.
Getting to grips with it all. Not had too much fly time but check out my you tube results so far.
MAV KEB channel.


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Welcome to the forum great piece of kit happy flying :grin:

Welcome @mavkeb Your in a safe Place here, Lots of Great like minded DJI Users enjoying the freedom of Fllight.

Hi @mavkeb and welcome to Grey Arrows. Great to have you on board :smiley:

As @snowy said, the Mavic is a great piece of kit!

Be sure to add your YouTube channel to the main list at: Member YouTube & Vimeo Channels

Hi @mavkeb, welcome to GADC. Thanks for joining our merry little band of unmanned aerial vehicle pilots! Congrats on your Mavic Pro. Feel free to ask any questions you may have on it. There’ll be somebody in the club with the answer.

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