Hello from South Norfolk

I have been flying a few years now, started with cheap uncontrollable ‘toys’ moved to phantoms but found they were not that easy to ‘just fly’ My last one was highly modified and was great but too big and too much messing about to get in the air.
The MA2 is ‘almost’ perfect. small, good camera, good range, long flight time. The only thing I didn’t realise before I got it was that is doesn’t support flight plans/waypoints. its bit disappointing but the ability to fly easily and its compact size almost make up for that. and it’s so quiet!
I am stuck between a few FRZ’s on the Norfolk/Suffolk border so have to travel to get a decent flight in. lots of places to fly if I pick the right time of day (not too many other people!) although always looking for something new. Hope to pick up a few tricks and tips along the way and if I can will chip in with my own wisdom!


Hello @D33j (Steve) and welcome to GADC.

Good choice on the MA2, lots of our members have it and have shared some great photos and videos already from this latest offering from DJI

Take a look at, and perhaps add yourself to our members map. where you will find local folk who are always up for meets. We have quite a large contingent in your part of the world, or close by I’m sure someone will be along soon to say hi.

Looking for somewhere to fly, check out Drone Scene you can log in with your GADC details, its a great resource, all from our members flying experiences.

Most of all enjoy your stay with us, a great friendly bunch, don’t be afraid to ask any questions you may have

Hello and welcome to GADC :+1: I recently joined and am not dissappointed as lots of friendly banter and tons of advice, location ideas and great pics/videos.

Enjoy your stay

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Hi Steve and welcome to GADC.

Hi Steve, from a fellow Norfolk flyer, keep an eye open on here for Meets around Norfolk/Suffolk.
I have several spots around Norwich that can be flown.
Welcome to GADC !.

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Hi, welcome to GADC , its a fantastic site full of extremely helpful members with a wealth of knowledge and experience , i only started flying in the late spring But being part of this site and using it on a regular basis I have found good honest advise from the other members and the search icon top right will take you straight to topics previously posted . Loads of local members too . Enjoy your time here and flying your air 2 . Have fun.


Hi Steve, if DJI don’t offer waypoints yet it’s possible that Litchi will soon be available for the MA2 according to this:

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Flew with Steve Saturday.


Not a bad morning flying, although my MA2 lost signal at less than 1km out and decided to come back home. Many thanks to BMAC for allowing us to fly on their field.

A ‘mini world’ of the location.

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Hi Steve / @D33j, and welcome to GADC. :+1:

Since that image is a full 360 image (and a rather excellent one), you may want to look at the instructions here : Interactive 360 Panoramas - How To : so that you can create one like you’ll see here.. :wink:


Many thanks OzoneVibe, have reposted to reflect your very useful help :slight_smile: :smile:


That’s brilliant! :+1:

It also gains the Bird’s Eye Viewer Badge to your profile. :wink:

(You could also post in the #panos section if you wished.)

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