Hello from sunny West Yorkshire

Hi all.
Just to say hello and thanks for the invite to your club.
Am based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, current set up, Mavic Pro and iPad mini 4.
Always up for a meet and a fly, as long ss its near a pub/cafe so I can grab some scram if weather not up to flying…

Been flying 3 years, take every opportunity to unleash the MP. Drop me a line if you fancy a meet. Happy to travel.

Flying 3 years and know nothing about video editing, if anybody wants to share their skills, would make a brilliant workshop.

Looking forward to chatting and meeting up with a few of you.


Good afternoon, Mick. Welcome to GADC. Great to have you with us. You’re in the right place when it comes to video editing, just take a gander at our talented members’ offerings in the Media category and then ask any questions you have - you’ll get an answer…or several.

Wotcha @mickydd and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

We’re going to organise some meetups once the weather improves and one of the northern venues I’ve got my eye on, you may know this place all too well… :wink:

For those in the north that are unsure, this is Boothwood Reservoir.

On the left of that pic is the M62 motorway and on the right of the water is the pub (@mickydd did say he wanted a meet near a pub!) and they’ve a huge overflow car park out the back.

We could ask if they’d perhaps cordon that off for a morning (I’ve never seen anyone in there) in return for us giving them some free photos of their pub and us buying some hot food - as I’m sure we’ll need it after flying there :slight_smile:

Welcome once again Mick :+1:

Thanks for that @PingSpike know it well.
Excellent access from M62,The Turnpike pub opposite.
Plenty to view with reasonable LOS.
Only had one issue where a couple of military aircraft were practising some low flying. I thought the rumbling from behind was my stomach.
Tried to get a quick snap as I was reducing height.

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Welcome fancy meeting you here

Sounds like a plan count me in

Yup, that’s the one!

Did you park in their car park too? :smiley:

Blimey… I’ll have to watch out for that, I’ve never seen anything up that way at all :+1:

Met up with @sparkman999 this aft at Turnpike Inn. No problem with permission to use top car park. They asked for a couple of pics in return. Good place for a meet.

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But expensive for just two burgers and drinks
They do a breakfast which isn’t to bad if I remember

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Nice one gents!!

I’m sure if we ask them nicely, and tell them we can get X amount of people in for some drinks & grub, they’ll perhaps give us 20% off the bill or something?

What were the wind levels like up there?

Pics and vids please!!! #media

Yes, am sure they would do us a deal.
Pics and videos, will leave that to @sparkman999 , knows what he is doing there.
Wind was S 11-15km/h according to weather.com
It was a bit fresh, just like a summer day in Yorkshire.

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Hello there, I’m a Mike from Halifax too and need advice and help to get me flying. Can you help and have you time to help me please?

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Hi Michael,
Welcome to the GADC !, we have loads of members in your area and I am sure they will rally to get you to a “Meet Up” somewhere that way.
Feel free to ask advice, no matter how stupid it may be.
I am sure our Moderators would love you to Introduce yourself properly, and they will be along to steer you right.
Once Again Welcome !

You’ve made me feel very welcome sir and I’m grateful to you for that. One of my difficulties is finding my way around this website. I’ve stumbled across your response to me quite by accident.

Hi Mike
No problem at all, happy to meet up. Best not to put your contact details direct in a post, I have sent you a private message, just click on the symbol at the top right of your screen, look forward to hearing from you

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Good on yer Mick !

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You know me, it’s always a pleasure to help out.
That’s what it’s all about.
ALMOST everyone I have met on here has helped me out when requested.

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No worries Mick (Michael) (now where have I heard that line?):crocodile::moon_cake::dagger::australia:
Anyway, you will get use to the way the Forum works, it is always daunting when you first post, thinking “Have I done it right”.
We are a great bunch of knowledgeable people, who like you fly drones for fun, for business, or just cos they are there !.
We love a bit of banter ,as you will find out, we sometime take they “peewee”, but it’s all in harmless fun.
In general we have great laugh and Meet Up ,where ever possible.
So relax, it will all come in time.

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I’m grateful for your encouragement, but still a little daunted. Never done anything like this. No Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat. Not very keen even with Whatsapp


Michael, you will find a great deal of information in posts around the site.
We post up pictures that we have taken, plough through problems that members have, just chime in a conversation if you feel like it, everyone has an opinion.