Hello from West London!



I joined up here a few months ago after joining Mavic Pilots a while back, but never said hi.

I’m David, 29. I work in film in London, and enjoy my outdoors, nature and extreme sports.

I got into drones a few years ago, built one, then took a Mavic over Volcanoes in Indonesia which was amazing.

Im just in the process of doing my PfCO, and I want to spend more time out of London and out in the wilds.


Insta: AloneWith1aDrone
Blog/Videos www.alonewithadrone.com


Hi David
welcome to the madhouse we call home
we rant and play and look forward to you posting your stuff here
don’t be afraid to ask anything we are not a bad bunch HONEST


Hi David

I have only just been commited to this asylum, the foods not bad and the other inmates play nice.

So a big welcome, you can’t escape btw, i tried.

Great video too mate


welcome :+1: