Hello from West Yorks

Hi, Just joined, and just starting out . I am in Bradford, West Yorks - just bought a 2nd hand Mavic Mini and looking to get into flying it - also got an SG906 Pro2 (ordered it to start out as a cheap drone, but then the MM came up for a good price and I had to buy it!).

Not really had much chance to fly, as since I got the drones the weather has been a bit windy, but it has given me chance to get the Op and Flyer IDs sorted for the SG906.



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Hey up and welcome to GADC from a fellow Yorkshire Chap.

Lots of us here from Gods own county, and in better times we do get out for meets quite regularly.

Check out the members map for people around you.

Looking for somewhere to fly?, check out our very own DroneScene map, lots of member added places as well as all the information you could need before flying anywhere.

Lots of knowledgeable people always willing to help or pass advice, enjoy your stay with us.

Hi Zac.

Welcome to the group. I’m in Otley so not too far away. Plenty of Mini owners on here, though I’m not one, so you’ll have a large knowledge base to exploit if you have questions.


Welcome aboard… I’m in Normanton just up the road cannot wait for a group meet sometime soon.

Hi Zac and welcome to GADC from the “Dark Side”. . . :grinning:

Thanks for the welcome guys - just got to wait for a day when the wind gets low enough to actually have a flight!

Welcome to the best drone club in the world…ever. That’d be a great title for an album of Christmas songs…oh bugger it’s been done already. I’m a fellow Bradfordian, I escaped the clutches of the dark satanic mills many years ago. There’ll be plenty of guys coming along to welcome you, mostly on day release from some institution, (the wife). You have some great interesting places to fly, Listers Mill chimney is a good one to look at I think there’s still a bit of open ground opposite to take off from. Harden near Wilsden has a lovely disused viaduct which you can walk over and fly under/around just to mention 2 very contrasting items,both of industrial heritage, but one in the open countryside and the other very much in the heart of a sprawling metropolis.