Hello From West Yorkshire

Hi there,

Just signed up and thought I’d jump straight in.

I live close to pontefract in west yorkshire and have started using a drone for work. The training course was great but it obviously wasnt specific to this drone that I’m using.
If anyone nearby flies a DJI mavic2 or mavic and wouldn’t mind me tagging along on a flight that’d be great. Or are there any meetups around Yorkshire?



Hello and welcome to GADC.

I’m just across the way in Selby, we have lots of local members and meet all the time :wink:

What job is it you do ?

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Hi - I’m in York, fly Mavic Air 2, welcome to the group

Hi and welcome. From your side of York and fly a Mavic Pro. As Chris mentioned we meet up regular. I’m always looking for an excuse to get out with the drone.
Enjoy the club.


Hi Chris,

That’s great! Let me know when the next meet is and I’ll come over :+1:

I work in hydrometry


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Hi, that’s great. Cheers

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Hi, that’s great, not far at all then. Cheers


Welcome HHDrone

Look forward to seeing some great footage from West Yorkshire.