Help Barnsley sort out its airspace

The above link takes you to the CAA webpage that is requesting your comments “to help us review the Barnsley region of UK airspace”

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In my part of Yorkshire we have a saying:

Even the ducks fly backwards in Barnsley, the air is that dirty.

All I know of Barnsley is that one of my favourite broadcasters, Ian McMillan, the Bard of Barnsley comes from Darfield and the incomparable Brian Glover moved there from Sheffield when he was three.

I had the great pleasure of seeing Mr Glover, who wrestled professionally as “Leon Arras, the Man from Paris”, at the Manchester Royal Exchange Theatre where he was playing God in a performance of the Royal National Theatre’s The Mysteries. He descended from the heavens weather in dry ice “smoke” enthroned on a pallet on the forks of a high-lift truck :slight_smile:

I must say I found the CAA request both surprising and heartening, it’s great to see that Barnsley can actually afford airspace now it’s been dragged into the 20th century :slight_smile: