Help! How to do pano

Done the pano I’ve got the pics, got kuula but struggling, how do you do them in Go4 app?

The stitched jpeg from mavic 2 is in the DCIM folder on SD.

Just drag that into kuula and job done.

I have the pano files 21, but kuula says can only load 5 try to load more don’t understand it

Kuula does not stitch images. You would need to stitch in something like Microsoft ICE then upload to kuula.

Much better results just using the 1 stitched image the M2 creates on SD


So I have 21, checked them out all different ?

It will be on SD card in DCIM folder mixed with your other normal images. Not in the pano folder created for the individual images.

Take a look at this video here.

The M2P/Z does it differently to the MP.

On the M2P/Z the stitched Hi-Res pano is created on the SD-Card in the drone by the drone’s firmware … not as with the MP where you only get a crap low-res pano stiched on the device by the Go4 app.


On the M2P/Z you need to shoot in Sphere pano mode, then as stated above it saves a single image in the normal photo folder that you can drag into Kuula.


Thanks for all your help :+1: