Help iow where to fly by bus

Just brought my new drone to the IOW from Canada. Lost my drivers license on the plane, cant rent a car now.
I’ve gotten over the disappointment, for the most part, but am wondering if there’s anywhere i can take a bus and still get some aerials.

Ozmedia I used to live on the Isle of Wight spent many days of my youth traveling around there. You can get to most places by southern vectis bus, The Needles, Freshwater Bay, Yarmouth and Ryde Beach and mand others , be aware of Bembridge and Sandown airfields. will take a little planning.



I just see the needles, st catherines, the downs etc as National Trust land. There are a few roads where you could TOAL from but off the beaten path, which is where i works have driven to

What are you flying? Obviously sub 250 gram would give you rather more opportunity. I’m assuming the beaches are Crown Estates so no problem flying from them as long as you follow the drone code.

Im flying holy stone 720e, 449g. I have operator and flier ID’s, its registered. Still just basic open though.
It does look like a sub 250, to the untrained eye, just a tiny bit bigger than a mini3 and foldable but has some heft to it.