Help ! re pano

Took a pano, it stitched nicely and is stored on my iPad mini. However, when I pop the card into my mac and laptop I get the 21 individual shots but not the final pano !!?? Am I doing something wrong ?

On the MP/MPP, the (rather low res) pano image is created by the app and only stored on your device.

I’m not fluent with iOS, but should be in your gallery. If not, hopefully someone will be able to assist.

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Thanks for that - yes it is in my gallery on the device I attach to the controller. I need to find a way to get it out onto my mac. Bloody complex computers lol


Why not use ICE or similar to stitch the 21 images, the one produced by the app will not be great resolution.

I think @silverfox682 is on Apple, so PTGui, Hugin or Autopano Giga are suitable alternates ;o)

Thanks for that guys - now can you translate into English please :blush: - your knowledge is more vast than mine. Ive no idea what ICE, Giga, Autopano are - but I’m interested in “Hugin” tho I fear I’m thinking on a parallel line lol
I just found it unexpected that the pano was available on my iPad ( where DJI GO 4 is ), but on transferring the card I could only see the individual shots that made up the pano. Mind you, I’m easily confused these days.

Cracked it - I emailed the pano to myself, opened it on my iMac and was able to then post it - what a palaver !!! lol - BUT I’m chuffed I found a solution. Will need to gen up on the suggestions offered tho, so I AM grateful chaps.

Now head on over to open a free account for a whole new adventure

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WOW - Brilliant !!! Ive seen them 360’s and my phone does them automatically - but this is altogether different - MANY THANKS Chris :+1: :+1: :pray: :pray:

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signed up, now I need to research how it works and what I need to do with images - fingers crossed my brain works.


I think Ted was talking about a 21 shot pano which won’t be a 360 deg pano. You can still upload non 360 panos though but won’t be interactive.

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Speed read that bit, probably a 180 (3x7)

Still it gives him something to play with in the long days

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So if i put the drone up, do a 360 pano, I can then put them into Kuula to get the effect ?

It should do yes

You may have to stitch the resulting 23 photos yourself on the Mac to get an image you can post to Kuula, we’ll move onto that once you have the 23 images ;o)

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I have a feeling I might well be mithering you until I get my head around the principles !!! lol -
That Autopano might be of some use too - still, I have the time to explore and learn :+1:


If you are flying an MP or MPP then it will produce 34 still images from a 360 pano. You will need to stitch those together into a stitched image.

The largest image you can upload to Kuula is 16000x8000 pixels, so you may need to increase the canvas size of your image so that the width is double the size of the height, and then reduce the image size to 16000x8000. Then you can upload it to Kuula.

I use a PC so I don’t exactly know what software you can use on a Mac. This link shows you some apps for Mac that you can use for stitching the pano images. Microsoft ICE for Mac: download free alternatives

I use Photoshop for the canvas and image sizing, this link gives Mac alternatives. The 10 Best Photoshop Alternatives for Mac (2021) | Design Shack

I hope this is some help.


Mate, thats brilliant - thanks muchly :+1: