Help required - Getting Started with Drones - What do I need?

Hi Just joined, don’t know my way around yet so please forgive my ignorance if I get it wrong !
I’m just starting out with drones information please regarding what licences required, best unit for a raw beginner costing all the usual stuff that I might need for start up ?.

Many thanks for your help

This will be your best starting point …

How long is a piece of string? Not really enough info on your limits and requirements to offer advice.

And welcome to GADC.

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Hi @roamed welcome to the club. I am relatively new to drones as well I have started with a DJI mini 2 second hand from eBay and love it. Others can advise more than me.

Hi Ron - welcome to GADC :+1: :+1: :+1:

I’d suggest you start with a sub 250 gram drone which should allow you to fly almost anywhere. The DJI Mini 2 is a good start but if funds permit the DJI Mini 3 Pro is something that should allow you to learn and be able to produce some real quality photos/videos with all the toys like collision avoidance sensors, active track etc etc giving it a useful long term life too:+1: :+1: :+1:

Welcome, I too only just started with my drone in June.

I bought a DJI Mini 2 but I got it with funding and the application went in back in Nov 21 so the Mini 3 hadn’t come out.

I love my mini 2 but I guess the mini 3 is a lot better with more collision sensors.

I bought the fly more combo as I wanted extra batteries then if I was flying I could fly for 3 times the amount.

For registering and stuff like that look at the link above. If you go for a drone under 250g (the minis are) you don’t need too much (unless you are using it for commercial stuff) but you do need to register your drone. (I am sure someone on here will post if I am wrong)

I got insurance via and I also did the drone user test on the CAA site just so I knew what the actual law is.

Good luck with it all and its like anything, baby steps and then build on it.

Mini 2 with 3 battery’s £350 +.
If you have funds Definitely Mini 3.

Buy a drone, Definitely register with CCA for £10,

CCA all it is a few details and follow instructions to ID your drone.

insurance is not essential but depends on the individual to cover the drone and liability.

Watch plenty of YouTube videos and your find that anything you have questions about have all been asked before so use the search tab.

Goodluck enjoy.

Twice half its length… :open_mouth:

You need common sense before you buy anything. If you don’t have that, don’t buy a drone. :wink:

The second thing. Are you talking about a DJI drone or an FPV Drone? They are different.

If its DJI, then the guys who already replied are your best bet. If its FPV, then you need to re-ask in the FPV section. :slight_smile: Not everyone flies both.

I think you mean ‘Camera Drone’, lots of companies besides DJI make them ;o)

And DJI make a couple of FPV drones. :person_shrugging:

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Yea and I own one :rofl::rofl::rofl: do I class myself a fpv flyer do I :poop:, brake and hover is my saviour which unfortunately a real FPV I crash and burn with my slow brain to uncoordinated fingers do on every flight :boom::sob: :sweat_smile:

Sorry, everyone knows DJI and that DJI make camera drones. Yes other companies make camera drones, but the vast majority of mainstream drones are outside the budget of a recreational flyer, or have specific uses like crop dusting and topographical mapping. If you were just getting into this, would you be considering a 10-20 grand drone as your beginner platform?

So i could probably rephrase to do you want a drone that allows you to sit in your armchair and fly at a leisurely pace of 30mph or less, or something that can light the sky on fire with acrobatics and general mayhem. :stuck_out_tongue:

But my guess is the OP gets it. People don’t get into this (rather expensive) hobby without having a good idea of which way they want to develop in it. Be that camera drone or FPV quad. Pretty much the same routes and tickets for either path, just the flying is slightly different.

You’d be surprised the amount of people who start with a Hubsan, or one of the sub £150 drones that litter Amazon.

The hobby deffo became more ‘mainstream’ with the advent of the Mavic range, more so the Mini’s.

There are some great products from Autel and Parrot that because of the imposed restrictions DJI put on their products make them a better alternative ;o)

Many thanks for the help & advice, I didn’t know when I started this ‘adventure’ what sort of distractions there would be regarding the various add-ons, prices & spec’s, types etc. Still, it’s all a learning curve for me. As to getting it right for me, having read & re-read comments from other members I came to the conclusion that I need a unit under 250 grams (less paper work ) a simple control until I work out my left / right - up /down with I hope a reasonable stills camera & not forgetting cost as I will have to inform my ''financial adviser ‘’ at some point!!! (she will wonder about my sanity) so any suggestions regarding the type ?

Same amount of paperwork for registering it

Look for a used Mini 2

£400 will get you a nice example with 3 batteries ;o)

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Search on here and someone is selling one.