Help with a Christmas drone

Hi, my son wanted a proper drone for Christmas. He’s had a few cheap ones and can fly them pretty well. I got him an eachine wizard and fpv goggles. I’m not techy at all and am really struggling to get it to fly. Betaflight is all a mystery to me. Is there anyone in Southampton or nearby who could help us out?

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What part are you struggling with?

Have you had the props spinning?

Hi @Tedulous quite a few unboxing / setup videos on youtube for eachine not sure if your model is listed worth a try

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Thanks for answering. I have bound the controller and connected the goggles. I’m really struggling with betaflight it doesn’t seem to recognise the controller which is a flysky FS i6 x. I’ve watched loads of YouTube videos they tell you how to set it up but don’t give any advice if things are different to how they show it. I’ve joined an eachine wizard group on Facebook and they’ve given me advice (lots of different advice) some say I need to solder something others say updating firmware… I don’t know what that is! I’m at the point where if there was a shop to take it to and have someone set it up I would do that, alternatively I feel like throughing it in the sea! My son would be a bit disappointed though.

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Thanks for replying. I feel like I’ve watched all of them!! They show you what to do but if something behaves differently to what they do they are no help.

No the props haven’t spun

Betaflight takes a little bit getting used to but pretty simple when u get the hang of it.

Ok so drone is connected to PC, you have betaflight open but on the receiver tab it’s not responding to any inputs?

I thought wizard was preconfigured so can’t imagine any soldering required.

Is It set to use ibus?

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The flysky is set for ibus

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Is it also set for ibus in betaflight?

My wizard x220 came set up as PPM
Yours might be different if it’s a x220s but if you’ve got the original x220 then I’m pretty sure as standard the receiver is wired up as PPM on the board so you’ll need to set the fsi6 to PPM
Or you could change the other end to ibus connection on the board but if I was you if you’re just starting out just keep as PPM for now. Doesn’t really matter.