Help with building my first quad with a DJI air unit 3

This is more or less my first 6 hours with the simulator. It’s stupidly difficult and I don’t understand how anyone stuck with it long enough for it to become a serious hobby. :rofl:

I just wish they had stock.

I wouldn’t build a 5" as your first build. Build something cheaper. maybe an Armattan Tadpole 3", Any 20A AIO, 4x Emax 1404 6000kv motors, whichever VTX you are using and a suitable receiver. Oh and a selection of 2-3S Lipos plus charger. Then go fly. Unless of course you really want to go 5", in which case the others that fly that size have better suggestions.

But for me it has to be fairly cheap to repair, because repairing it is what you will be doing a lot, unless you have godlike FPV skills. Nothing on a 5" is cheap to repair.

If it was me I would buy a super cheap analogue setup until I had enough time flying to not spend half my time hitting things. 5" quads are nice, but they are also craft that demand high skill levels to fly. You are flying something that can potentially kill a person or cause a serious accident. You have to respect those possibilities and understand you need a certain skill level.

This isn’t the statement that a person who wants to fly a fast heavy drone makes. The statement you want to make is “I can fly around a field for 5 mins constantly without crashing and can fly through trees or race gates without issue”. So basically you are saying you have good control of the aircraft while in the air. You wouldn’t buy a Hayabusa and go ride if you’d never ridden a motorbike before. Same thing.

Yes build your own and practice flying in manual on that first, Or spend hours in the sim, If you crash your own build you can fix it. Once you’re comfortable in Acro on your own quad then you can reduce the chance of crashing with the expensive DJI FPV.
I learnt on my own builds then flew the DJI FPV in manual great drone and very fast :slightly_smiling_face:

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Speedy Bee Master 5 Hd vs AOS 5 O3 frame?

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Both look like decent frames to be fair. I would be tempted to go for the AOS as it has thicker 6mm arms (less chance of breaking) plus its 25g lighter, made specifically for low vibration and frame resonance