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Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to modify this canopy to make it a little more fitting to my needs but I need some help with it. Everything I’ve done so far was on Tinkercad, so very limited options. But I’ve managed to modify it enough to a point were I think it would work for what I need.
This is what I would like help with:
1 - Extend the rings I’ve circled in black below) upwards so that they connect properly into the canopy
(The position of this is crucial, nothing can be added below or around the current ring, )
2 - To me, the thickness of the walls on the base, along the green line on the picture below, seem a bit thick. Would this assumption be correct? If so, could it be thinned out a bit? (thinking about weight reduction, but don’t wouldn’t want to compromise structure)
3 - Is it printable as is? (after above mods off course)

STL attached (210.3 KB)


Thank you!

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Actually, on further inspection, the thickness I mentioned before is all over and not just the bottom section.

Like this?

Hi @Sparkyws ,

Tks for replying… Not quite that.
What I don’t want is for the tube to be protruding outside of the canopy’s border. My idea is that of a post that comes down from the canopy wall and stopping exactly where I had the rings before.

Having said that, looking at it now, after your post and with a set of fresh eyes, I realize that I overlooked the ring from the front, which is quite simple to solve and does not have to have a post extending upwards, and also thought of a way to do it in tinkercad myself using a different method that what I was trying before.

So now, only questions 2 and 3 remain.

You would have to start from scratch with Tinkercad to reduce the thickness of the walls

Just go with it and print it :+1:

This was a mod of an existing one, so not a chance to start from scratch… Also,I’m just beginning to play with this, but I know tinkercad wouldn’t be the place to build this from scratch…

Tks for your input dude.

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No, you would need expensive cad software, I can print it in black PLA for you

Thats very nice of you… Check the “Could someone 3d print…” thread. Just posted a request there with the file containing the revised canopy stl and a couple of other bits…

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