Here they come … the reason we’re being hounded out of our tiny bit of the skies



What’s to stop somebody using a jammer to bring one of these down and stealing the package? And at what altitude will these be flying at? And, if carrying a payload, what is the range of one of these? UK-wise, does this not breach the Air Navigation Order regarding line of sight? What happens if one breaks down and crashes? And where? What if it crashes into a motorway, or anywhere in built up areas? Who’s liable?

Also, they are not environmentally friendly, just because they run on electric and not petrol/diesel, they will constantly need charging up which the UK’s power grid cannot handle, they are ABSOLUTELY NOT safer as the skies are much more potentially dangerous than the roads (you only have to start reading through the ANO to see this).


Shall I put you down as a ‘Don’t know’?



WHO will be piloting these drones ?

Will they need a PfCO certificate ?

Line of sight flying will not apply to these, so how does that affect adhering to the Drone code ?
Will the operator be using direct control with the sticks, or will the drone be using some pre-planned flight mission similar to Litchi ?

What range limit in Miles each way do they think they can use ?



I can only imagine that a very new certificate and set of rules would be implemented for these kind of drones. A rather nice golden handshake between the relevant parties will soon have these babies delivering your toilet rolls!

Automated / Pre programmed Robot delivery agents is what they’ll be. PPRDAs . (getting in their first! lol)


Exactly Sunstone, like most things in most countries it’s all a matter of greasing the right palms


As long as I can fly using the same rules…