Hi All, New member from Nuneaton

Hi All,

New to the hobby and from Nuneaton, Warwickshire just picked up my first FPV quad. Picked up the following gear as my first setup and spend a couple of weeks flying simulator and just spent the last week flying LOS and FPV in the garden.

Drone: Happymodel Mobula6 HD
Transmitter: Jumper T-Lite
Goggles: Eachine VR004 (Planning on upgrading in the near future) and will be using this as a spectator monitor (workbench monitor)

Any suggestions for places to practice FPV with a little more room in the local area.


Hi and welcome to GADC

@notveryprettyboy is in your neck of the woods and will be along soon to say hello.

Welcome Craig. There are a few of us round Warwickshire.
We go flying regularly. We’ll have a meet up real soon if you like :+1:

and anyone else that has slipped my mind :grin:


Thanks @milkmanchris and @notveryprettyboy for the kind welcome.
Looking forward to a meet up sometime. any suggestions for local areas to practice. seen in previous posts that Hawkesbury use to be a good area but is no longer available due to development.

Yeah fair few of us around I’m in Bedworth and used to fly Hawkesbury Abandoned golf course a fair bit till they started building on it damn bastards!! Lol

Check the new Drone Scene FPV category at http://dronescene.co.uk/ theres a couple of places on there over in binley added by @BeardandBraces :+1:t2:

You can fly anywhere with that. Try…

Welcome Craig, I’m sure we’ll have plenty of time to all fly together.
Unless weather is bloody awful we try to fly at least once a week usually Saturday.

Steve :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, will take a look at DroneScene

That was my thinking with starting off with a Tiny whoop class drone and with the HD capability, should be good to get some DVR and HD footage I can put online. once I get better at Acro, Will then start looking move to 3" or 5" quads in the future.

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Welcome @Meddie79

I’m new to FPV too, and I can tell you we are in good hands with this lot, they’re super friendly and knowledgeable.

I’m based near Cov centre, happy to meet up sometime.

Yeah, will defiantly need to meet up sometime, will be great to meet up with others and learn from the more experienced flyers.

Manged to get out for a about 30 mins this morning at the local park. found an excluded area away from the main walk ways and dog walking routes.

From the footage the drone was able to take, I was able to put a little video together to hopefully document how I improve overtime. Range was limited as I was get quite a bit of drop out on the video, so had to keep it close.