Hi everyone - new flyer from Essex

Hi all,

New flyer from Essex, just bought the mavic air 2, not had chance to use as yet, only delivered yesterday and it’s been raining… Arrhhh

I have been mountain biking for years and some of the places we visit are amazing so thought a drone would be a perfect way to get some great memories of the amazing scenery you get to see.

In regards to editing I have downloaded the free version of DaVinci Resolve 16, anyone else using this software?

Looking forward to discussing tips and tricks with you all in the future

All the best
Sean M


Hi @SJM007 and welcome to the GADC.

Have a look and maybe add yourself to the Members Map there are always others about who might be up for a meet.

DroneScene is a great resource run by the club and is fast becoming the go to resource for deciding when and where to fly

Lots on here have the MA2 and have posted some great results from DJI’s newest drone.

Again Davinci is very popular amongst the PC users, and I’m sure if you have any problems there will be lots og help available, looking forward to you posting some footage (although the weekend forecast isn’t the best)

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Welcome to the site :ok_hand:
Cikoy from Blackpool :ok_hand::ok_hand:

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Welcome to the group Sean. As a new user of the MA2 make sure you use the down time to update all the firmware as recently there have been some useful updates. Also go though all the calibration settings. Take a look at the various YouTube videos that feature this - if you want one good channel to look at search for Ian in London. All good information from a UK flyer.

Happy flying and take a look at Drone Scene for places to fly and add any you want to share.

  • Mark
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Thanks mark have watch a ton of vids and already downloaded the updated firmware. :smile:

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Hi Sean and welcome to GADC.

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Thanks for the great advice appreciated and will get added to the members map

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