Hi Everyone ! New to Aerial Photography from Wigan, Greater Manchester :-)

Hi I’m Dony and new to the country and to using drone ( Aerial Photography ) but not new to photography !!

Welcome Dony. There’s a lot of us oop north on here, and we have had some meet ups, would be great for you to come along when we have another after this covid beats a retreat.


Hi @chalcedony07 and welcome from Poolstock :wink:

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Hi Dony and welcome to GADC.

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Hi Dony, from one of the Patients !.

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Hi Dony from Steve in Donny. Lol

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Welcome Dony

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@stevesb Thank you ! That would be great to meet up and will make sure to be there !!

Hi @PingSpike Thank you !

Hi @SeaHunter Thank you !

Hi @chrisjohnbaker Thank you !

Hi @speatuk Thank you !

Hi @mickydd Thank you !