Hi from Altrincham, South Manchester

Hi, my name is Wayne, I am new to drones and flying. I have just finished building my own drone with a self-built flight controller and am learning to fly it! Just this evening I was test flying in a local park and this guy passed on this club to me so here I am, he was very impressed with my drone and how well it flies. Looking for any information that would help me improve my drone and my flying, Thanks.


Welcome. Any pics? Build list? Fellow builder, there’s a few of us on here.

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Welcome @Sparkyws, I’m based not far from you (other side of the brook, in Sale) and I am that very guy you met in the park earlier :laughing:

I don’t know much about self-builds so can’t really compare, but yes, I thought it was very steady and quiet too. There are quite a few self-builders here, feel free to share in this thread or maybe via So... what's on your bench at the moment? - #186 by notveryprettyboy.


Thank you @kvetner for passing this group to me its just what i was looking for. Cheers


This Is what I

have built, its an F450 frame, 1000kv motors, 30A ESC, and an STM32 BluePill flight controller
Recorded this video last night

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Mental! You built your own FC?
That’s a nice looking build. Subbed :+1:t2:


Hi @Sparkyws, I’m also from Altrincham, joined a couple of months ago. Consider myself a complete novice though and am still learning the basics.

I’m finding this is a great group with lots of helpful advice and suggestions.


Hi @Dvdjo, Yes this group is just what i was looking for, where do you go flying locally?

I have often used Turn Moss at Stretford for practice but the lockdown made it busier than normal this summer. Recently I’ve used the field at

parking at the Sale Model Flying Club. That can be a bit scuzzy, and wear wellies if it’s been raining …

Thanks, @kvetner I will have a look, I need to get some flying time in.

Is it OK to fly there, as its very close to Barton?

It’s been a bit tricky finding somewhere local to practice, especially with the restrictions of Trafford council and the National Trust.

I’ve done most practice flights on 2 playing fields with public access, but only when no one else has been around during lockdown. I imagine now schools have gone back and sports are starting again, they will get busier.

I’d like to try some of the areas suggested by @kvetner in the Sale area, these are marked on the Dronescene map. Also there seem to be a few places around Lymm, also marked on the map, but I haven’t tried them yet.

The general advice I’ve received is to go west of Altrincham into the countryside around.

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See here for Barton FRZ, it overlaps with Stretford Meadows but not the places I fly.

See i am learning all the time, Thank you again for this information :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah I have been flying on Salisbury playing fields in the late evening when its quiet, also there is a farmers field at the end of Atlantic Street next to the Pennine way but the grass is a little long, I think the suggestions by @kvetner are a good choice for local flying

Haven’t flown either of these yet, Salisbury fields have always been too busy. Thanks, will look into these.

I’ve tried Long Hey playing fields and North Cestrian fields in Oldfield Brow.