Hi from Brierley Hill, West Midlands

Hi, Been on the site a while but only just really started to find time. Grabbed myself a mavic 2 zoom early this year but only managed a few flights so far

Hoping to change that in near future



A belated welcome Simon @sjukes69 :smiley:

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Welcome aboard the crazy ship. :crazy_face::+1:

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Welcome from Stevenage :ok_hand::joy:

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Hi @sjukes69. Fellow M2Z owner here, I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks, I’m sure I will

Welcome Simon @sjukes69. Very similar to me! Mavic 2 pro, not much flight time. Still hoping to find places to fly :sunglasses:

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Welcome from Suffolk!

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Hi Simon, I’m replying to this post because I’ve not yet discovered a way to message. I’m new to drones and to this site. Could you please let me know of good places to fly or places to avoid around KINGSWINFORD?

Hi Peter

Thanks for your message

Being honest, one of the big problems I have found is finding somewhere interesting to fly. It’s been about 12 months since my drone came out of it’s bag. I am currently deciding on if to sell my Mavic 2 Zoom or not due to lack of use

I did think of grabbing some shots over the marina at ashford but never got round it it

Sorry I couldn’t be more help


Thanks Simon

Ashwood sounds like a good idea.

I’m really new with a Mavic Mini (and a grandson), so we’ll do something me exploring.



Hiya I’m down the road in Kingswinfird , good to see another local, any recommended flying spots around here not regulated or populated by drone police.

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Thanks for the message

I never really did manage to do much flying around here which is a shame, can’t remember when my mavic 2 zoom was last in the air this

Good luck with your flying

Same here, The airport is an issue as I’m pretty close, and loads of decent looking places are heavily regulated.

Down my caravan this weekend so hopefully some decent flight time .

Too much regulation now, hope you manage so.e flying at the weekend

I did think about having a fly over the ashwood marina once btw

Ashwood sounds like a plan, have to check the no fly zones though it’s close to Bobbington airport.

Think just outside the zone