Hi From Bromsgrove

Hello all. I’m Adam, Newbie FPV drone flyer looking for your advice, wisdom and help. I’ve been playing with a cheap Nikko race drone at home and local park when it’s empty for a few months. I’ve just bought a beginner midge 180, goggles.etc and looking for somewhere locally safe to fly, learn and crash. LOL. Can anyone suggest any locations nearby? Look forward to any help you can offer.

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Hey dude.

That’s a seriously old quad you have there (nothing wrong with old) you may find spares hard to come by.

If you haven’t already then make sure you install a simulator on your computer (liftoff or velocidrone are the 2 best)

Welcome to the forum.

Welcome, you won’t go far wrong if you read some of the posts here, but don’t get swamped, there is a lot of help available here.
I also used Youtube for deciding on a drone and I found Captain Drone very informative, but it’s your choice as to what type of drone you want to fly.
Good luck and have fun.


Hi @dronetrooper and welcome to GADC

Check out our very own Drone Scene for places to fly.

Check out and add yourself to the members map, I’m sure some of our members in your area will be along to say hello very soon.

Hey there,

Already have velocidrone and get my fingers reprogrammed in mode 2 having flown mode 1 3d rc planes for many years.

I’ll be sure to check out captain drone! Thanks!