Hi From Cannock

Retired, new to drones. Just bought a DJI Mavic Air, looking forward to playtime.


Hi Steve,and a big welcome to the best drone club in the UK So,pull up a chair,grab a drink,and enjoy your stay! we have a great number of like minded droners here. Any questions,help and anything in between ,feel free to ask.I am sure one our mods will be along soon,to give you the official GADC welcome. :+1: :+1:

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Hi from Cannock also :+1:

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Hi Gaz.
Choosing a Mavic was easy. Choosing the right one without spending money on something like a Hasselblad was not so easy. The air seemed the right choice. A mate has bought one also. He had a Mickey Mouse thing that cost about £60 ish, several years ago at a gadget show, that was uncontrollable, and always managed to hit something or crash. We were sitting at a bench table, when someone got a Mavic drone out. He put it on the table, lifted it off, it hovered about 2 foot above our heads, flew it around, bought it back and landed it back in the middle of the table as if it had a life of its own. We made the mistake of having a go. We were gobsmacked at how well we could control it, and how it controlled itself. We were ok until last week when a neighbour let us fly his Mavic. Next day we both bought an Air Combo.

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The Mavic Pro was the first drone I ever flew.

I also had the same reaction :slight_smile:

@Big_Blue Great we will have to meet up over the chase, sometimes we arrange a get together about 5 or 6 of us will let you know when next one is. I fly the M2 did have a mini but to fragile as where I fly it gets a bit windy. Bought a Mavic Air last week from drones direct they were advertised as Grade A used at £529 so went ahead and got one, when it arrived it was sealed brand new and not been activated so was able to put the DJI Refresh, anyway good luck happy flying and meet soon. Keep an eye on GADC meets for dates etc. @Matty1 who is also from Cannock normally arranges Garry

Plan to make a few visits to Chase and Chasewater, will PM you my number, let me know where and when, will be interesting to join you if free.

Careful with Chasewater they are starting to clamp down on drones, we normally take off from a lay-by next to the sand banks well away from warden, take off and hover from there walk thru bushes and fly, this way they can’t stop you ( I hope ) as your not taking off from there property.

Welcome to the forum. I can confirm you’ve made a good choice with the Air, I’ve had mine 12 months and it has always done what I want. it to. Hope you enjoy your experience with the aircraft :slight_smile:

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Hi Gary.
Thanks for the heads up. Not been flying yet, and may not for a week or so yet, but good to know, last thing I want is that sort of thing to happen.

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Same here. Bought MA1 in September. Illness, rain, virus stopped me flying until retirement in May. Gave me time to watch videos etc to learn lots. Great retirement hobby, no hurry to be an expert! Happy Days! ! !


Hi Stephen I’m from Cannock too mate, we often have small meets around the area so look forward to meeting you buddy

Sounds good Matty

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