Hi from Chesterfield

Hello from Chesterfield, New Whittington area. Just starting out with this hobby and still learning. Currently working my way through Lumafusion tutorials


Hi Chris and welcome to GADC.

Thankyou still learning everything around this hobby.

Plenty of experience on here Chris, just fire away with any questions you have and I’m sure someone will be able to supply an answer. Here on GADC there is no such thing as a stupid question, so ask away. :smiley:

Thanks. At the moment the main issue I’m having is locations to fly and lack of decent weather. Lol

Have a look at the link below Chris.

All you need to login are your Grey Arrows Drone Club username and the email address you registered with.
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Yes I’ve looked at that resource already and not much on there near me. The ones which are listed aren’t actually correct. Lol

Feel free to add some more up to date ones :slight_smile:

Welcome to GADC @MrG

West of me it’s all Peak District which is out of bounds until August and then only with land owners permission. I’ve already made one suggestion on the relevent area on this forum. Thanks :blush:

Welcome to the club Chris.