Hi From Dorset

Hi I joined a few weeks back but have been keeping quiet reading through the post. Have been flying since the end of January. Any info help or assistance would be appreciated.



Welcome to the club Shawn :handshake:

Hi Shawn and welcome to GADC.

Welcome to the group :+1:

Hi Guy’s thank you for the welcome.

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Hi Shawn, welcome!
I’m pretty new here and based in Southbourne, so glad to have another Dorset member.

Hi Shaun and welcome.

Great to hear fellow Bourno’s on here. I’m in Westbourne and also very new to this too. Just a quick question, but, apart from the beach at quiet times, where are you mainly flying around Bournemouth? Meyrick Park? Where else is good?

Hey @Shawnh welcome to GADC

Hi and thanks for the welcome. I’m from the part of Dorset that time has forgotten, Stur Newton!!! Mostly flying the river stour and the open fields. Slowly venturing out but staying well away from civilisation. Not far from you is Knowldon church but get there early otherwise to many people show up.

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Welcome to the site, lots of excellent advise on here , a great place to learn from.