Hi from East Yorkshire coast

Hi all, new here but have just got myself a drone,nothing special but a change from regular RC plane flying that I have been doing. Can’t believe what I’ve been missing think I’ve got the bug now and grand ideas of building a custom camera carrier!


Welcome to GADC Rob - enjoy the group :+1: :+1: :+1:

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I see you are from Hornsea, @paradad isn’t far from you.

Lots of us in the area, I’m just down the road near Goole, and in better time the Yorkshire contingent often meet up.

Looking for somewhere to fly, check out our very own DroneScene for member added places as well as all the preflight tools you will need


Welcome to the club. There are some great people here with lots of good advice. If you don’t know! Someone here will help :+1:


Welcome. Hornsea not to far from me too. Look forward to seeing your photos :camera:


I’m Steve from Doncaster.
Loads of places to fly around Hornsea.
You will have some fun with it.

Custom camera carrier.
Be careful how you do this as the weight of the camera can give the drone the wobbles. Last thing you want to do it have it fall out of the sky.

Question though,

What is wrong with the camera on the drone you have?
Most of the cameras on these are pretty good now.
Just have a search on here and see the photos that have been taken and shared throughout the group.

Safe flying pal
Welcome to the group.

Hi Robert and welcome to GADC.

Hi Steve, the camera on the one I’ve got ( 4drc f8) isn’t to bad but I’ve always been interested in aerial photography and have been flying rc planes for a while. This new drone thing I’ve got into has just opened a whole new can of worms etc ! Always like a project for the windy and wet days aswell ( plenty of them at the moment :grin:)

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