Hi from Egham

Newbie, bought a phantom 4 pro + really looking forward to getting to grips with it.


Hello & Welcome to GADC, you’ll love the P4P, it’s a great machine.

Hi @marks and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley:

Newbie to drones? Or newbie to the Phantom?

Any questions, just ask mate, we’ve a whole bunch of friendly and helpful people on hand :+1:

New to the world of drones mate. Looking to go out and practice on Tuesday dependant that this rain has moved on. Need to get lots of practice in prior to my pfco in October. Thanks for your offer.

Cheers mate

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Hi Marks and welcome
so your doing a career change hence the mavic pro 4 and the PfCO
by the looks of it
dependant on the course your booked on you will defiantly need to have had a couple of hours training in


Looking forward to the course. Thought I would do the course and get ahead of the game as I’m sure there is going to be tighter regulations coming our way. I only intend to do mapping and surveys part time as a hobby really.



Hi @marks, welcome… I am nearby too in Staines… I run in Egham and Savill Gardens area with a club…so know the area very well

I saw you mention new to drones, I would recommend getting a semi-toy one with the same stick config (e.g. Mode 2) and mess with that around the house or open space with no wind, will really help get your co-ordination and skills up before your practical :slight_smile:

Where do you plan to fly? Cheers

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Thanks for the tip mate.

Probably going to practice on a bit of land at Denham.

What is the club that you belong too?

Hi @jedpause

Where do you fly around Egham and Staines? Hope you don’t mind me asking.



I joined HAMFC, friendly, welcoming bunch. We fly at Hanworth Park… Park Road off the A316. You can fly there without being a member too. Got my BMAC membership too, for the insurance…

I’m right by LHR so have to be careful… I just fly on the open greens and parks… A bit limited… I’m looking for new places too… Royal Parks is a non no, as is Bedfont lakes… Cheers

Cheers mate. Thanks for the heads up.