Hi from Herne Bay

Hi all !
Ancient mariner - lifelong hobby is sailing. Got a Mavic Pro a couple of weeks ago. Used to fly R/C years ago so all this not entirely alien to me, but all the same I splashed out on a lesson with PhantomFlightSchool at Maidstone before diving in. Pleased I did, as today when I did a couple of short test flights out of my back garden, I felt immediately confident with this amazing bit of kit. Looking forward to trying it out properly away from here when next batch of lousy weather has passed!


Welcome @marinemavic, or should I say avast, ye swab! :smiley: Very good to have you with us. Looking forward to some exciting nautical images from you. In the meantime feel free to ask questions, however basic. We’re a friendly bunch who all had to start somewhere!

Welcome to the grey arrows forum have fun !

Welcome to the group, Enjoy every moment…

Hi @marinemavic and welcome to the Grey Arrows, great to have you on board :smiley:

I’ve never been to Herne Bay, what’s it like?

How are you finding the Mavic, compared to the previous aircraft(s)?

This is my first year of Mavic ownership and I must say, I’m getting serious withdrawal symptoms in this weather!! I can fully sympathise :cry:

It’s a typical seaside town, been a bit shabby but on a bit of a revival/rebirth now.
I flew R/C fixed-wing (power and gliders) for about 10 years and reached a reasonable standard, had a shot at helicopters (with a used one) but gave up in disgust, just couldn’t hack it. Only really stopped flying because other things got in the way, somehow.
The Mavic is a revelation compared with all that stuff. Its ability to look after itself takes all the angst out of flying the thing, really, although I’ve still been seriously anorakish about checking the thing out and reading instructions before daring to do the first flight with it. I guess the key interest is getting some great photos with it so it’s a means to an end, although I think great fun to be able to operate a piece of such damn clever tech. You probably won’t catch me using RTH much, more fun to bring it home and land on the spot manually.
Looking forward to getting a lot of hours on it.


It’s an incredible piece of technology isn’t it?

I remember my very first flight, I took off manually and hovered at about 8ft. I just stood there like this:


I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing, this thing was absolutely nailed to the sky!! It didn’t budge!!!

Amazing :smiley:

Oh you’re not alone!!!

While waiting for mine I watch hours and hours (and hours!) of footage, guides, reviews etc on YouTube. I studied everything I could find.

I probably spent way too long on those first few flights in Beginner Mode too :blush:


Welcome @marinemavic You will find lots of support here .

You’ll be needing floats then? Hi from just south of Canterbury!

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That’s now 3 of us in East Kent !

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If anyone wants to meet u p at some point I have a LOT of private farmland where I have permission to fly…all around Stelling Minnis and no prying eyes to call us terrorists!


You should post that (fantastic) offer in #club-meetups there @SteveM

You might get a few people together :+1:t2:

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@steveM I’d be interested but not until March, going away soon for a while.